What's Been Happening At The Stables?



Getting ready for winter 

As winter approaches there is a number of things we have to do with our horses to get them winter ready. 

Clipping- We have to clipped some hair of our horse's necks and tummies to stop them sweating while they work. If we don't do this they can then get a chill when they start to cool down. It also makes them easier to groom as well as making them look smart!

Feeding- The horses feeding will change to help them keep weight on during the winter. They will start to be given hay due to the shortage of grass. Hay also keeps them warm as it takes a long time to break down in their tummies.

Shoes- A lot of the horses will get hinds shoes off for a number of reasons. The busy period is over so they have less work over the winter months compared to the summer, so hinds shoes are not needed. It also makes it less slippy for them in the frosty, icy weather. Snow doesn't get stuck in their feet if they have no shoes on. 

Even though their feeding changes to help keep weight on, the horses weight is expected to drop a little over the winter. They need to loose this weight so when the spring grass comes in the don't get health issues such as laminitis. 

Winter riding 

The riding school is still open during the winter months. Make sure when you come riding to wrap up warm and wear gloves as it can get cold on the back of a horse!